Americus, Ga Overnight Tour
May, 2012
Habitat For Humanity International Global Vileage
Historic Rylander Theater
Overnight at the Best Western Windsor Hotel
On the road Sunday morning
A quick drive-by of Sather Field in Americus, the site of Charles Lindbergh’s first solo flight. A sculpture has been erected in his honor, and a nearby plaque reads:

The "Lone Eagle" first flew solo in early May 1923 from Souther Field.  Charles Lindbergh had come to Americus to purchase a surplus aircraft from the World War I training center.  He chose a Curtis JN4 "Jenny."  He got the plane with a brand-new OX-5 engine, a fresh coat of olive drab dope, and an extra 20 gallon fuel tank for $500.  Lindberg had less than 20 hours of instruction when he soloed.  He practiced take-offs and landings for a week; then having filled up with forty gallons of gas, he set course for Montgomery, Alabama, to start his barnstorming career.  Four years later Lindberg flew alone in the "Spirit of St. Lewis" from New York to Paris and into aviation history.
Lunch and shopping at Lane Orchard and Packing House in Fort Valley
US Airforce Museum
B1 Bomber
Our 2012 "Overnighter" called "Americus the Beautiful" took us on scenic, rural roads through South Central Georgia to the beautiful, and historic city of Americus; with numerous, and exciting stops along the way.  Take a look as a few of the interesting, and fun-filled sites we experienced.

First stop.  Antique shopping in Thomaston, GA in a former Nehi, RC Cola Bottling Plant
Note the building's Art Deco styling.
Traditional "southern style" buffet lunch at the Lighthouse Restaurant in Americus.
Last stop, US Air Force Museum, Warner Robbins