The Dixie Chapter was chartered in March, 1980.    The founding chapter director, Bruce Kile, along with his wife Shar, are still very active in the chapter today.    We have the distinction of being the first chapter SOUTH of the Mason-Dixon Line to host a BCA National, and that took place in the fourth year of our existence.    At the present time we have approximately 57 members from Atlanta, and surrounding area, as well as South Carolina, Tennessee, Indiana, and Ohio. 

In addition to our monthly business meetings, we have several planned, and unplanned family activities each year.  During the early part of the year (February/ March) when the weather it too bad for "Buicking" we have a Bowl-A-Rama.  In August or September we have our annual picnic, and each December or January we have our Holiday Party  for  socializing, a catered meal, and gift exchange.  Also, at any time during the year there may be a spontaneous outings or driving tour.  Check "Club Events" for those which are currently  scheduled.

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